Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Letter of the week... O

O is for..... Orange
- O shaped sandwich with orange mini M&Ms on it
- Cheese curls
- Orange O shaped gummy candies
- Carrot sticks
- Orange slice

O is for..... Owl
- Owl shaped shaped sandwich with a provolone cheese slice cut into
   small circle and mini brown M&M's for the eyes. Carrot sticks for
   the nose and feet. Bread crust is used for the wings and ears.
- String cheese stick with Who Who Who written on the plastic wrapper
  with a black marker
- Orange slices
- Pretzels
- Carrot sticks

O is for..... Olympic Flag
- This week Alex's class learned about the Winter Olympics and held there own
   Winter Olympics... this was his lunch on Olympic d

- Flag shaped sandwich with the Olympic rings made  with M&M's
- Mini M&M's in the Olympic colors
- Cucumber slices with a USA flag cupcake pick
- Cantaloupe balls  with another USA flag cupcake pick in a cupcake paper
- Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins

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