Thursday, March 31, 2011

I carrot 'bout you ~ MTM

Easter Bunnies Carrot Patch ~ Muffin Tin Meal

• Bunny shaped marshmallows
• Red-seedless grapes with a bunny cupcake pick
• Drink
• Bunny crackers by Annie's Organic Snack Mix
• A carrot sandwich with green sprinkles
• Carrots

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You are my sunshine ~ MTM

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine ~Muffin Tin Meal
You make my happy when skies are grey.

• Watermelon balls with flower cupcake picks
• Carrots sticks, broccoli and dip in a plastic shot glass
• Drink
• Crackers
• A sunshine sandwich with a cheese slice on top of it and candy corn,
   icing eyes and sprinkles
• Black olives


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter of the week... V

V is for..... Vampire

This lunch was packed in Easy Lunch Boxes

• A vampire shaped sandwich with icing eyes colored with
   red food safe markers, colored sprinkles and bread crust for the hair
• Black olives on a plastic toothpick and purple cupcake
   papers create the vampire body
• Bat shaped pretzels
• Red-seedless grapes with a bat cupcake pick
• Cookies
• Cucumber slices

V is for..... Vase

This lunch was packed in Easy Lunch Boxes

• Mini flower shaped sandwich with mini m&m centers
   of the flowers, the flowers are connected with green toothpicks
• Babybel cheese for the vase
• Cookies
• Pretzels snaps
• Strawberries
• Cucumber slices

Monday, March 28, 2011

The CiRcUs is coming to town ~ MTM

A Muffin Tin Meal Under The Big Top

In honor of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus coming to our town
I made the kids this circus MTM.

• Cotton Candy with a clown sticker on a tooth-pick
• Popcorn with a big top tent sticker on a tooth-pick
• Drink
• Red-seedless grapes on sword picks
• A lion face sandwich with carrot match-sticks & black olives
• Dip in a plastic shot glass & black olives with a elephant sticker on a tooth-pick

Friday, March 25, 2011

Social Butterfly ~ MTM

Flutter by, Butterfly, Floating flower in the sky.
Kiss me with your Petal wings - Whisper secrets, Tell of spring.

• Flower shaped sandwiches with mini green m & ms
• Butterfly crackers from Pepperidge Farm : Golden Butter
• Butterfly shaped Watermelon
• Carrot sticks and dip in a plastic shot glass


Thursday, March 24, 2011

m & m ~ MTM

This Muffin Tin Meal will melt in your mouth, not in your hands

The m & m place mat and cup came from The m & m store in NYC

• m & ms
• Pretzel sticks & carrot sticks
• m & m drink
• Red-seedless grapes
• A round sandwich with Organic Fruit Leather on top and a M cut-out
• Babybel cheese with a M cut-out


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letter of the week... U

U is for..... Unicorn

This lunch was packed in Easy Lunch Boxes

• A unicorn shaped sandwich with a baby carrot & colored sprinkles
• Green pepper slices
• Pretzels
• Green mint gummies
• Babybel cheese with a U cut-out
• Red-seedless grapes

U is for..... Umbrella

• Red-seedless grapes
• Mini blue M&M's in a blue plastic shot glass
• Babybel cheese with a U cut-out
• An umbrella shaped sandwich with a crust handles and polka-dots
• Sun Chips
• Cucumber slices


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tic-Tac-Toe.... three in a row ~ bento

A bento that's nothing but fun & games

This quick and simple lunch was severed in Easy Lunch Boxes

• Carrot sticks with ranch for dipping
• A square shaped sandwich with bread crust strips to create the game board
• Cheese Xs & Os
• Watermelon balls with an X & O bento pick
• Babybel cheese with an X cut-out
• Chocolate cover pretzels

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pretty As A Rose ~ Bento

What a Rosy Bento

My first lunch made in my new Easy Lunch Boxes

• A rose shaped sandwich with strawberry jam as the flower center
• Cucumber shaped leaves
• Babybel cheese with a flower cut-out
• Strawberry pieces with a heart bento pick
• Sun chips
• Carrot sticks with ranch dip in a plastic shot glass

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Berry Sweet Lunch ~ MTM

You Are Berry Sweet Muffin Tin Meal

• A strawberry marshmallow
• Cucumber pieces with a strawberry cupcake pick
• Pink Lemonade to drink
• Strawberry pieces with a strawberry cupcake pick
• Strawberry shaped sandwich with green sprinkles
• Babybel cheese with a flower cut-out

Thursday, March 17, 2011

♣ Shamrock Pancakes ♣ MTM

Top o the morning to you ♣ Muffin Tin Meal

• Kiwi with a shamrock cupcake pick
• Green yogurt
• Green drink
• Syrup
• Green sshamrock pancakes ~ I made the pancakes with an all metal cookie cutter...
   be sure to spray it really well with cooking spray and use tongs when touching
   the metal cookie cutter... it gets very hot!
• Sausage links with ketchup in a plastic shot glass

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

♣ St. Patrick's Day Lunch ♣

Shamrocks & a Leprechaun

• Shamrock shaped sandwich with a shamrock candy
• Pretzels
• Green peppers cut in the shape of a shamrock
• Red-seedless grapes with a Leprechaun cupcake pick
• Gold Foil Chocolate coins

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St. Patrick's Day ♣ Shamrock MTM

I Shamrocks ~ Muffin Tin Meal

• Andes Candies
• Carrots with dip in a green plastic shot glass and a Leprechaun cupcake pick
• Green Drink
• Kiwi cut in the shape of a shamrock
• Shamrock shaped sandwiches with shamrock candy
• Sun Chips

The shamrock candy idea came from Cute Food For Kids Blog. Very clear and simple instructions!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Letter of the week... T

T is for..... Turkey
• A turkey shaped sandwich with carrot and cucumber sticks
• Pretzels
• Candy corn
• Red-seedless grapes with a turkey cupcake pick

T is for..... Truck
• A truck shaped sandwich with a load of M&M's and a monkey bento pick driving
• Banana
• Babybel cheese with the letter T cut out
• Carrot sticks
• Letter Cheez-It crackers: Scrabble Junior that spell TRUCK

T is for..... Teddy Bear
• A teddy bear shaped sandwich with a cheese vest and M&M's buttons
• Strawberries
• Gummy Bears
• Cucumber shaped teddy bears
• Pretzels

Friday, March 11, 2011

Snowman ~ MTM

Some of our best friends are flakes ~ Muffin Tin Meal

Lunch for another snowy day in NE Ohio

• Snowman marshmallows
• Red-seedless grapes with a snowman pick
• Babybel cheese with a snowman cut-out
• Snowman sandwich with organic fruit leather, carrot nose & mini M&M's
• Carrot sticks with dip in a plastic shot glass
• Snowflake sprinkles


Thursday, March 10, 2011

St. Patrick's Day ~ Luck O' the Irish

May you find the rainbows end ~ Muffin Tin Meal

• Red-seedless grapes with an Irishman cupcake pick
• Green yogurt
• Drink
• Bacon
• Mini rainbow pancakes
• Syrup
• Gold foil candy at the end of the rainbow

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Beary Cute MTM

You Are Beary Special ~ Muffin Tin Meal

• Teddy Grahams
• Gummy Bears
• Drink
• Carrot Sticks with dip in a plastic shot glass
• Teddy Bear Sandwich with a dress made of cheese
• Strawberry

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

St. Patrick's Day ~ Leprechaun Bento

Kiss Me I'm Irish

• A Leprechaun shaped sandwich complete with a cucumber body & match-stick carrots
• Gold-Yellow M&M's at his feet
• Watermelon balls with a shamrock cupcake pick
• Shamrock shaped cheese
• Pretzels


Monday, March 7, 2011

Letter of the week... S

S is for..... Shark

• A shark shaped sandwich with raisins for eyes
• Carrot sticks tucked in under blue cupcake papers
• Gold Fish Crackers
• Raisins
• Shark Bites snack pack

S is for..... Sports

• A football helmet shaped sandwich with the
   letter A (for Alex) cut out of Organic Fruit Leather
• Mini Saltine Crackers
• Carrot Sticks
• Football shaped Oreo Cookies
   (I found them during the Super Bowl)
• Red-seedless Grapes with a chocolate baseball and
   soccer ball on the ends of the tooth pick
• The cupcake papers are also a sport theme for Reynolds

S is for..... Star Wars

• Red-seedless grapes
• Darth Vader cupcake ring with black olives for his body and a lightsaber
• A sandwich
• Stormtrooper cupcake ring with marshmallows for his body
• Pretzels
• Carrot sticks
• Star Wars Fruit Snack Pack


Friday, March 4, 2011

Pinkalicious MTM

Tickled Pink Muffin Tin Meal

In honor of the story time reading of Silverlicious at our local Barnes & Noble... a perfectly Pinkalicious lunch for my little Pinkalicious. She could not have been more excited to eat her pink lunch.

• A perfectly pink Pinkalicious cupcake
• Pink yogurt with pink, red & white sprinkles
• Pink Lemonade
• A strawberry with a crown cupcake pick
• Star wand sandwich
• Crown & mirror sandwich

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lunch in Full Bloom

Ready for Spring

- A butterfly sandwich with Wilton Jumbo Confetti Sprinkles
- Flower shaped pineapple with bento food picks
- Carrot sticks with ranch dressing in a plastic shot glass
- Pretzels
- Twizzlers Licorice