Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter of the week... V

V is for..... Vampire

This lunch was packed in Easy Lunch Boxes

• A vampire shaped sandwich with icing eyes colored with
   red food safe markers, colored sprinkles and bread crust for the hair
• Black olives on a plastic toothpick and purple cupcake
   papers create the vampire body
• Bat shaped pretzels
• Red-seedless grapes with a bat cupcake pick
• Cookies
• Cucumber slices

V is for..... Vase

This lunch was packed in Easy Lunch Boxes

• Mini flower shaped sandwich with mini m&m centers
   of the flowers, the flowers are connected with green toothpicks
• Babybel cheese for the vase
• Cookies
• Pretzels snaps
• Strawberries
• Cucumber slices


  1. That vase and flowers is the absolute cutest thing!! I can't wait to try it!! :)

  2. Love your lunches today! We just posted the link to Cookie Cutter Lunch on our fan page here: http://bit.ly/dv1C6M Thanks a million for these beauties!

  3. OMG, so cute! I love the muffin cup liner coat on the vampire! Another winner! :)

  4. These are SO adorable!!! You are very creative!

  5. How cute! Audrey and I do not have that much patience or creativity!

  6. I love that vase, what a cute idea! Both are great lunches.

  7. I love your creative lunch ideas. You've inspired me. Do you mind if I feature some of them on my blog, with a link/credit back to you, of course! Here's the blog: http://brendawritesablog.blogspot.com/
    I look forward to your response.