Monday, January 31, 2011

Review Week... ABCD... EFGH... IJKL

Reviewing..... A B C D
- A & C shaped sandwiches
- B & D Cheez-It crackers: Scrabble Junior
- Carrot Sticks and red-seedless grapes
- Fruit snack pack and Sun Chips

Reviewing..... E F G H
- E & G shaped sandwiches
- Provolone cheese slice that I wrote F & H on with Wilton food
   safe markers
- Mini Oreos & pretzels
- Red-seedless grapes & cucumber slices with bento food picks
   E for elephant, F for frog & G for giraffe

Reviewing..... I J K L
- Turkey rolls with provolone cheese slices cut in to I, J, K, L shapes
- Carrot sticks & red-seedless grapes
-  Keebler club crackers & a fruit snack pack

Monday, January 17, 2011

Letter of the week... L

L is for..... Ladybug
- Ladybug shaped sandwich created with mini M&M's for the eyes and the end of the bread rolled flat.
- Red M & M's surround the ladybug sandwich.
- Ladybug graham crackers by Keebler: Bug Bites
- Letter L Cheez-It crackers: Scrabble Junior
- Black olives, carrot sticks and a box of organic raisins

L is for..... Lion
- Lion shaped sandwich created with mini M&M's and Cheez-It crackers
- String Cheese with the word Lion written on the plastic wrapper
- Lion shaped Animal Crackers
- Red-seedless grapes with a lion bento food pick
- Carrot sticks

L is for..... Leaves
- A leaf shaped sandwich
- Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins
- Watermelon cut-out in the shapes of oak leaves
- Rolo candy
- Carrot sticks, cucumber slices with a leave cupcake pick and black olives

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Lunch

Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer
- Rudolph shaped sandwich with mini M&M's for the eyes & a red M&M's for his nose.
   The antlers are created from the crust of the bead.
- Red-seedless grapes
- PEEPS Christmas Tree with a present cupcake pick
- Cucumber slices held together with a Santa cupcake pick & Christmas tree shaped pretzels

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Letter of the week... K

K is for..... Kite
- Kite shaped sandwich that was created with Organic Fruit Strips and Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel
- The word kite spelled out with Cheez-It crackers: Scrabble Junior
- Red-seedless grapes
- Cucumber slices, carrot sticks and mini Oreos

K is for..... King
- King shaped sandwich with mini M&M eyes. The end of the bread was rolled flat
   and used for the hair & mouth. Provolone cheese was used to create the crown along with Wilton food
   safe marker for the detail on the crown.
- Cut up black olives, carrots & star shaped cucumber pieces with a
   Bento lion food pick... the King of The Jungle
- Sunchips & Pepperidge Farm Chessmen butter cookies - crown cookies

K is for..... Kris Kringle
- Kris Kringle shaped sandwich, mini marshmallow & Christmas candy corn
- Watermelon cube with a present cupcake pick
- Cucumber slices with a Christmas tree cupcake pick and Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins

Monday, January 3, 2011

Letter of the week... J

J is for..... Jungle
- Red-seedless grapes with a giraffe bento food pick
- Cheese stick is tucked in below the drink
- Animal Crackers... lion, monkey, giraffe, elepahnt
- Cucumber slices with a elephant bento food pick
- Black olives with a monkey bento food pick
- Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins and turkey rolls with a lion bento pick

J is for..... John Deere
- J shaped sandwiches and John Deere fruit snacks
- John Deere tractor shaped cucumber slices and John Deere green... green pepper slices
-  Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins

J is for..... Jack-In-The-Box
- Jack-in-the-box shaped sandwich... we colored the Jack-in-the-box head
   and taped it to the top of yogurt, the neck is pretzels that I slid on a tooth pick and
   stuck in the square sandwich, I used Organic Fruit Strips for the name Jack
- Organic raisins and mini Nutter Butters
- Carrot sticks, black olives and green pepper slices

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Letter of the week... I

I is for..... Insect
- Bee shaped sandwich with a mini M&M for the eye and Organic Fruit Strips for the stripes
- Ladybug & Dragonfly graham crackers by Keebler: Bug Bites
- Cantaloupe shaped I and red-seedless grapes
- Sunchips, carrot sticks and a gummy spider on top

I is for..... Igloo
- Igloo shaped sandwich... used a Wilton Edible Color Marker to draw the igloo
- The igloo is surrounded by popcorn
- Penguins made out of black olives, carrots, cheese & tooth picks holing it together
- Snow Cap Candies & red-seedless grapes

I is for..... Indian

 - Indian shaped sandwich... the end of the bread was rolled flat and used for the hair & mouth,
   mini M&Ms for eyes and Organic Fruit Leather across the hair. The feathers are carrots
   and green peppers
- Pretzels and pumpkin & corn candy corn
- Red-seedless grapes with a leaf food pick