Sunday, January 2, 2011

Letter of the week... I

I is for..... Insect
- Bee shaped sandwich with a mini M&M for the eye and Organic Fruit Strips for the stripes
- Ladybug & Dragonfly graham crackers by Keebler: Bug Bites
- Cantaloupe shaped I and red-seedless grapes
- Sunchips, carrot sticks and a gummy spider on top

I is for..... Igloo
- Igloo shaped sandwich... used a Wilton Edible Color Marker to draw the igloo
- The igloo is surrounded by popcorn
- Penguins made out of black olives, carrots, cheese & tooth picks holing it together
- Snow Cap Candies & red-seedless grapes

I is for..... Indian

 - Indian shaped sandwich... the end of the bread was rolled flat and used for the hair & mouth,
   mini M&Ms for eyes and Organic Fruit Leather across the hair. The feathers are carrots
   and green peppers
- Pretzels and pumpkin & corn candy corn
- Red-seedless grapes with a leaf food pick

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