Monday, February 28, 2011

Letter of the week... R

R is for..... Robot
- A robot sandwich make with cheese curls, blue M&Ms, string cheese,
   and fruit leather for the mouth
- Cheese Curls
- Cucumbers
- Red-seedless grapes
R is for..... Rainbow
- Purple: Red-seedless grapes
- Blue: M&M's
- Green: Cucumbers
- Yellow: Pineapple
- Orange: Goldfish Crackers
- Red: Babybel Cheese
- Turkey Rolls
- Keebler Club Crackers

Friday, February 25, 2011

Chicken Noodle Soup ~ MTM

Chicken Soup Muffin Tin Meal... with extra carrots please
- Red-seedless grapes
- Yellow M&M's
- Babybel Light Cheese
- Mini Keebler Club Crackers
- Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with extra carrots
- Mini Keebler Clucb Crackers

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Much Fun ~ MTM

Snow Day Muffin Tin Meal
- Snowman marshmallow PEEPS
- Strawberries with a snowman cupcake pick
- Popcorn with blue snowflake sprinkles
- Cucumbers & black olives
- Snowflake sandwich
- Snowflake cheese slices

Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day Muffin Tin Meal
- Red star shaped watermelon with a USA flag cupcake pick
- White string cheese
- Blue cup with drink
- Star shaped cucumbers
- President George Washington sandwich
- Pretzels

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Letter of the week... Q

Q is for..... Queen of Hearts
- A queen of heart sandwich:
    • Crown - bread crust and red M&M's
    • Hair - cheese curls
    • Face - mini M&Ms for the eyes, crust for the lips and
              Wilton food safe markers for the cheeks
    • Neck- a folded cup cake paper
    • Body - cucumber slices & heart cup cake pick
- Heart shaped watermelon
- Heart shaped chocolate cover pretzels
- Cheese curls

Q is for..... Quack
- A duck shaped sandwich with bread crust for the beak & wing and mini M&M for the eye
- String cheese stick with the work quack written on the plastic wrapper
- Sun chips
- Strawberries with a duck cupcake pick
- Carrot sticks

Q is for..... Quilt
- A quilt shaped sandwich with bread crust shapes on the quilt
- String Cheese stick for the thread and a white plastic tooth pick for the needle
- Strawberry with more white plastic tooth picks as the pin cushion
- Pretzels
- Mini chocolate chip cookies
- Red-seedless grapes with a letter Q food pick
- Carrot sticks

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine Hearts Muffin Tin Meal
- Pink strawberry yogurt in a pink Wilton Silicone Heart Baking Cup
- Heart shaped Marshmallows by Kraft 
- Red Wilton Silicone Heart Baking Cup filled with syrup
- Watermelon cut into heart shapes
- Pink heart shaped pancakes
- Bacon - carefully placed to look like a heart
- Pink strawerry milk to drink (not pictured)


A closer look at the pink heart shaped pancakes.
I added a few drops of red food coloring to the pancake batter
and used a squeeze bottle to squirt it into the shape of a heart 
on the hot griddle.

Valentine's Day Lunch

Heart & Kisses
- Chocolate covered heart shaped pretzels
- Strawberries cut in the shape of heart in a pink Wilton Silicone Heart Baking Cup
- Heart shaped cucumbers & carrot sticks in a red Wilton Silicone Heart Baking Cup
- Heart shaped Marshmallows by Kraft with a heart cupcake pick
- Pretzels
- A sandwich in the shape of lips covered with pink cupcake sprinkles

Monday, February 14, 2011

Letter of the week... P

P is for..... Pumpkin
- Square shaped sandwich with a mini pumpkin cut-out of the center &
   Wilton Mini Pumpkin Icing Decorations at the corners
- Pumpkin shaped pretzels
- Red-seedless grapes with a pumpkin food pick
- Cucumber slices held together with pumpkin food pick
- Pumpkin candy corn

P is for..... Pirate
- Pirate shaped sandwich with a cheese slices for his bandanna
   (polka dots created with Wilton food safe markers)
   a mini M&M of his eye and bread crust for his mouth & eye patch
- Red sword food picks hold together black olives & cucumber slices
- Sun Chips
- Strawberries with a pirate cupcake pick
- Gold chocolate foil coins & gold foil Rolo Candy for pirate treasure


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Letter of the week... O

O is for..... Orange
- O shaped sandwich with orange mini M&Ms on it
- Cheese curls
- Orange O shaped gummy candies
- Carrot sticks
- Orange slice

O is for..... Owl
- Owl shaped shaped sandwich with a provolone cheese slice cut into
   small circle and mini brown M&M's for the eyes. Carrot sticks for
   the nose and feet. Bread crust is used for the wings and ears.
- String cheese stick with Who Who Who written on the plastic wrapper
  with a black marker
- Orange slices
- Pretzels
- Carrot sticks

O is for..... Olympic Flag
- This week Alex's class learned about the Winter Olympics and held there own
   Winter Olympics... this was his lunch on Olympic d

- Flag shaped sandwich with the Olympic rings made  with M&M's
- Mini M&M's in the Olympic colors
- Cucumber slices with a USA flag cupcake pick
- Cantaloupe balls  with another USA flag cupcake pick in a cupcake paper
- Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins

Letter of the week... N

N is for..... Numbers
- The sandwich has the numbers 1, 2, 3 cut-out
- The string cheese stick has the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7 written on the
   plastic wrapper with black marker
- Cantaloupe cut in the shape of the number 8
- Green peppers cut into the shape of the number 9 and black olives under the 9's
- Sun chips
- Chocolate pudding

N is for..... Nest
- The sandwich is an oval shaped and I used pretzel sticks & peanut butter to create a nest.
   The eggs in the nest are cut out of cheese slices
- Mini Oreo cookies and Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins
- Some of our eggs hatched into pineapple shaped baby chicks
- Carrot stick in a green cupcake

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letter of the week... M

M is for..... Mouse
- Mouse shaped sandwich created out of a hot dog bun with mini M&M's for the eyes
   and a regular M&M for the nose. The ears and tail are part of the bun rolled flat and
   cut with a pizza cutter.
- String cheese stick cut into pieces & turkey rolls
- Mini Crunch candy bar & pretzels
- Green pepper & red-seedless grapes

... Here's a closer look at the mouse ...

M is for..... Mouth
- Mouth shaped sandwich with a slice of provolone cheese inside the mouth,
   cucumbers & black olives for the eyes held into the sandwich with toothpicks.
- 3 black olives, turkey rolls and cucumber slices
- Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins & 2 Andie's candies
- A peeled orange

M is for..... Monkey
- Monkey shaped sandwich with M&M's for eyes and a piece of crust for the mouth
- String Cheese with the word Monkey written on the plastic wrapper
- Pretzels & mini Oreos
- Carrot sticks & pineapple cubes with a monkey bento food pick