Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letter of the week... M

M is for..... Mouse
- Mouse shaped sandwich created out of a hot dog bun with mini M&M's for the eyes
   and a regular M&M for the nose. The ears and tail are part of the bun rolled flat and
   cut with a pizza cutter.
- String cheese stick cut into pieces & turkey rolls
- Mini Crunch candy bar & pretzels
- Green pepper & red-seedless grapes

... Here's a closer look at the mouse ...

M is for..... Mouth
- Mouth shaped sandwich with a slice of provolone cheese inside the mouth,
   cucumbers & black olives for the eyes held into the sandwich with toothpicks.
- 3 black olives, turkey rolls and cucumber slices
- Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins & 2 Andie's candies
- A peeled orange

M is for..... Monkey
- Monkey shaped sandwich with M&M's for eyes and a piece of crust for the mouth
- String Cheese with the word Monkey written on the plastic wrapper
- Pretzels & mini Oreos
- Carrot sticks & pineapple cubes with a monkey bento food pick

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  1. Your lunches are inspiring! I needed some new, fun ideas to get my kids to eat more healthy. Thanks! I will be following! :)