Thursday, October 27, 2011

Best Witches

Lunch Made By My Little WITCH

My second ever guest blogger!
This lunch was made completely by my 4-year-old.
O.K. she was very influenced by my 6-year-old! She too
was so excited to pick everything from what the lunch
was served in, what food she wanted and even the color of
background paper it was photographed on!

And please don't forget... she would love to hear what you the readers
think of their edible creations!

• Black Cat cup (water)
• Cheese slices cup with a mini cat cookie cutter
• Black plastic cauldron with red-seedless grapes in it
   and a skeleton cupcake pick peaking out the top
• A witch hat sandwich with icing eyes and a mini m&m
   for the nose. She colored the hat with a food safe marker
• Pumpkins and candy corn
• Carrot sticks and broccoli with dip in a plastic shot glass

1 comment:

  1. How fun! What a creative girl, and a patient momma. Her sandwich is lovely, and a little bit spooky!