Friday, April 22, 2011

Bunny Tales ~ MTM

Here comes Peter Cotton-candy-tail~ Muffin Tin Meal

I wish I could take credit for this lunch idea, but, it was my 5-year-old sons idea!
So proud of his creativity and thinking outside the lunchbox!
Oh, and the bunny tail has the first thing he ate! Hop Hop Hop

• A bunny butt shaped sandwich with a small cotton candy tail
• Cucumber slices
• Red-seedless grapes with a bunny bento pick
• Bunny crackers by Annie's Organic Snack Mix
• Chocolate cover pretzels

 These are the cookie cutters that I used to
make the bunny tail sandwich.


  1. That is hilarious! LOVE that he came up with the idea! Avery is always thinking of bento ideas too :)

  2. Cute bunny bottom! The fairy floss makes a perfect tail!