Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's Go Tubing

Lunch at the Lake!

We spent the day at the lake boating and tubing with the kids. The Easy Lunch Boxes
worked great for eating lunch on the boat!

This bento lunch was packed in Easy Lunch Boxes

A fish shaped sandwich with an icing eye
• Carrot sticks
• Tubing Bears: Gummy Life Savers with Teddy Grams
• Goldfish Crackers
• Watermelon balls


  1. The Teddy Grams and Gummy Lifesavers are so cute.

  2. LOVE the teddy grams in the lifesavers, thats so cute!

  3. So cute! Do you mind if I feature this lunch on our blog?

  4. Thanks for the comments! And I am always happy to be featured on another blog! Thanks :)