Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St. Patrick's Day ♣ Shamrock MTM

I Shamrocks ~ Muffin Tin Meal

• Andes Candies
• Carrots with dip in a green plastic shot glass and a Leprechaun cupcake pick
• Green Drink
• Kiwi cut in the shape of a shamrock
• Shamrock shaped sandwiches with shamrock candy
• Sun Chips

The shamrock candy idea came from Cute Food For Kids Blog. Very clear and simple instructions!



  1. Hi Kristen, thank you so much for the link! Happy St. Partick's Day to you and your 3 kids ^^

  2. The kiwi shamrock is so cute! I love this lunch.

  3. Love the shamrock lunch. The kiwi is really cute and so it your pick.