Monday, October 11, 2010

Letter of the week... C

C is for..... Carrot

• Carrot shaped sandwich decorated with flower shapes
   cut out of organic Real Fruit Strips
• Letter C Cheez-It crackers: Scrabble Junior &
    Carrot shaped pretzels by Annie's Homegrown Organic
• Red-Seedless Grapes & of course carrots

C is for..... Cat

• Cat shaped sandwich with mini M & M eyes and the word CAT cut out of
    organic Real Fruit Strips
• Sunchips
• Strawberry, red seedless grapes & watermelon shaped cats
• Cucumber pieces with a cat Bento pick

C is for..... Caterpillar

•Caterpillar shaped sandwich made with 3 small circles and decorated with

    a mini M & M nose, Wilton Sprinkles: Jumbo Confetti & carrots
• Broccoli & carrots with ranch for dipping
• Caterpillar graham crackers by Keebler: Bug Bites
• Strawberries & heart shaped pinapples

This was Emily's lunch... she ate every bite of her Caterpillar lunch!

C is for..... Cupcake

• Cupcake shaped sandwich frosted with peanut butter and decorated

    with a large red M & M and mini M & M's
• Red seedless grapes on Wilton cupcake picks
• Homemade oatmeal raisin cookies with the letter C cut out of organic Real Fruit Strips
• Cupcake shaped cucumbers
• Mini oyster crackers


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